Easter Services from the Weston United Methodist Church!

This Church in Weston MO is celebrating it’s 175th anniversary this week!

Weston United Methodist Church Video (Live & Later)!

Check out the New Live Video Program at the Weston, MO United Methodist Church!  Notice- Church Services are cancelled for Palm Sunday March 24, 2013.

See this Awesome Event! Watch the Concert Replay of Orchesta Biblica Amistand From Panama!

Check out this Awesome Event! “From Hearing to the Heart!” – 1 Corinthians 2:9.

The Changing Hearts Crusade – Paradise Baptist Church Video Nov 4!

Click the Video to Watch the Video in it’s Entirety.¬† Great Event at Paradise Baptist Church!

The Changing Hearts Crusade Goes to Paradise!! MercyStream.com to Video Broadcast Sunday Night!

The Changing Hearts Crusade Goes to Paradise MO for a Weekend Revival!

MercyStream.com will be There to Bring Video Coverge of this Event Sunday, Nov 4
At Paradise Baptist Church РParadise, MO (Near Smithville Lake).  Click Here for Info Flyer.

Transformational Journeys Needs Your Help!

Brothers & Sisters,

MercyStream.com is publishing these two videos to help support these two wonderful Mission Projects that benefit the people of San Lucas Toliman Guatemala.  The first video is a roofing project for the San Lucas Mission Parish, and the other is stoves that we help build to provide a better way of life for the women cooking meals in the area.  These both are very rewarding mission experiences.  Take the time to look at the videos and volunteer to help if you can.

Changing Hearts Crusade 2012! Video Broadcast Available at Midnight of each Event!

The Changing Hearts will be available by Video at Midnight of each Event.

Sunday Night August 5, 2012

Saturday Night August 4, 2012

Friday Night August 3, 2012

Thursday Night August 2, 2012

Wednesday Night August 1, 2012

Tuesday Night July 31, 2012

Monday Night July 30, 2012

Sunday Night July 29, 2012

The Changing Hearts Crusade Set to Start July 29 – August 5!

The Changing Hearts Crusade is set to Start July 29 – Aug 5, at the Platte County Fairgrounds at Tracy, MO and will be held nightly 7-9:30 pm.

This should be an exciting event with featured pianist Russell Babcock, gospel group Kindred Spirit, The Changing Hearts Band & Choir, and the new generation singers.  There will be many speakers that will strike your interest and leading the way will be Dr. James Anderson, and Pastor Jimmie Porter.

Check out the 2012 Changing Hearts Crusade Promo Video!

Check out the Featured Interviews Below!
Dr. James Anderson

Brice Willson of the Gospel Group “Kindred Spirit”

Russell Babcock – Featured Pianist

Pastor Jimmie Porter – Visionary Organizer of the Event


Guatemala Transformational Journey Blog June 19 – Back Home!

We have made is back from our Journey, and what a Journey it was! All the projects were completed as 7 stoves were built for women and their families.¬†¬† The roofing project was completed Friday and the family was extremely grateful for having that completed.¬† Reflecting back, it was an amazing trip!¬† It had it’s share of challenges:¬† many of us got ill for a day or two, the roofing project had to be modified a little, some rain issues slowed some projects down…and yes, some language barriers that made communication interesting!¬† In Summary, it was a blessing for us all, and refreshing to know that God works in many ways that we do not see or understand at the moment.¬† The people of Guatemala were awesome…people of strong faith and work ethic, and one thing that many of us learned from them is that we should keep a strong faith in God, while giving what we can to help others.

Kathi Vandel giving a Gift to a grateful Lady who had a stove built in her home.

Jereme Abshire Talks about the Roofing Project Completion (Below – You Tube Video).

Guatemala Transformational Journeys Blog June 14

Hola from San Lucas Guatemala!

It’s hard to believe that things are coming to a close here in San Lucas!

The roofing project is almost complete, and could have been finished today..but the rain had different ideas.  At noon the rains came and shut the construction down, but according to Rogers Strickland, should be completed tomorrow on schedule (sounds like a construction guy!)

The stove project is nearing completion also, and should be wrapping up tomorrow as well.  As far as the schedule for this group.  Friday Рwrapping up work projects,  Saturday Рa day in Antiqua, Sunday РTrip Back.   This is part of the journey to where we are sad to go, but are looking forward to getting home to our families and friends.

Aaron Sommer gives a “thumbs up” on roof construction progress.

May God Bless!

Adios Amigos until next time!