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Transformational Journeys Needs Your Help!

Brothers & Sisters, is publishing these two videos to help support these two wonderful Mission Projects that benefit the people of San Lucas Toliman Guatemala.  The first video is a roofing project for the San Lucas Mission Parish, and the other is stoves that we help build to provide a better way of life for the women cooking meals in the area.  These both are very rewarding mission experiences.  Take the time to look at the videos and volunteer to help if you can.

Changing Hearts Crusade 2012! Video Broadcast Available at Midnight of each Event!

The Changing Hearts will be available by Video at Midnight of each Event.

Sunday Night August 5, 2012

Saturday Night August 4, 2012

Friday Night August 3, 2012

Thursday Night August 2, 2012

Wednesday Night August 1, 2012

Tuesday Night July 31, 2012

Monday Night July 30, 2012

Sunday Night July 29, 2012